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White van man: Ramsay has the dishes prepared at a factory before being sent to four of his restaurants (right)'Gordon Ramsay Holdings operate a kitchen facility in Wandsworth called GR Logistics,' she said.

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‘We have rated Ramsay’s eateries supplied by his central supplier as average to poor.’Jamie Oliver said: ‘I did not know he was doing it and I am a bit shocked.He recently told Olive magazine: ‘My food hell is any ready meal.It’s so easy to prepare a quick dish using fresh produce, such as a simple stir-fry, but people still resort to ready meals that all taste exactly the same.’ In another interview he condemned roadside restaurants which employ staff ‘to heat up pre-prepared food’ rather than hiring chefs to make food on site.I don’t use ready meals in my kitchen but if it was something used really well then it’s justified to bring certain things in.’ The central kitchen which supplies Ramsay’s eateries is run by GR Logistics, the catering production arm of Ramsay’s umbrella business GR Holdings.

Head chef Darran Ridley told an undercover reporter from The Sun how it provides ‘the majority of the food’ for Ramsay’s bistro Foxtrot Oscar in Chelsea.

Gordon, one of a dozen men who flew around the moon but didn't land there, has died, NASA announced Tuesday, Nov. He was 88.'Dick will be fondly remembered as one of our nation's boldest flyers, a man who added to our own nation's capabilities by challenging his own.