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19-Nov-2017 20:59

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Oh, and one other thing, he must be able to play the bagpipes, or at least enjoy its beautiful sound.” Eh, good luck with that . Generally the stereotyping of the Irish male is stuck somewhere in the 1950s, a land where the men are tall, quiet and gentle, and excel in a natural chivalry.

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“He should also be open to the idea of a long-distance relationship that will lead to marriage. A casual browse through dating websites, particularly those based in the US, and you will see many similar posts from women looking for an “Irish prince” or a “gorgeous Gael” to come and sweep them off their computers.Mary Kenny, a relationship counsellor who also runs a dating website, says that her service has noticed a large increase in overseas women seeking Irish men for relationships.“I would say a quarter of all our females are now non-Irish,” she says.Men, there is no simple answer but we do pick apart some of the best tips for preparing yourself for the inevitable meeting: Before we end, a short piece about the glorious city of Dublin: Fall in love with Dublin, again and again.

Travel this modern city on the LUAS and view some of the most incredible attractions such as the Dublin Castle, Dalkey Castle, the Guinness Storehouse, Croke Park, the Dublin Zoo, Dublin Writers Museum and many more.

Dublin truly has it all, from friendly locals to cosy pubs on most street corners.

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