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I love feeling your big fingers rubbing my perky titties or sliding inside my panties to finger my tight smooth kitty or my ass. I like to get down on my knees and take it for you like a good little slut.

Or maybe you want to let me do nasty things to you? We can talk about all your nastiest fantasies and secrets, or I can tell you about mine!

"I think you deserve a treat." He laughed, then slid his tongue into her ass. I'm so're so big in my ass..." "When you're ready, nod and I'll begin." He told her. Karl pulled almost all the way out, then slowly slid all the way in. Karl continued the slow pace, letting his cock stretch her fully. Karl obliged, gradually getting faster as he pounded his gothic temptress as hard as he could in her snug, tight passage. " "That..without a doubt..single....fucking I've ever...." She stuttered. The moment the head of his cock popped out, a torrent of cum flooded out. She slowly straightened up, sitting on the desk and wincing when her thoroughly fucked ass made contact with the wood. Karl was shocked, but simultaneously he felt a warm sensation in his chest.

Lauren cried out in surprise, but was clearly enjoying the feel of his tongue probing her most intimate hole. Lauren's groans became louder and louder until she screamed like a banshee and squirted like a geyser over the floor, her body shaking uncontrollably with the force of her climax. Then she surprised him by pulling him into a soft, slow kiss. Lauren put her head down, tears dripping onto her skirt.

Her pussy became wetter by the moment, and Karl relished the smell as he pushed his tongue deeper. Lauren laid her top half on the desk and reached back to hold her cheeks apart. Her ass clenched hard on his cock, causing him to cum deep in her bowels, filling her with his hot, thick seed.

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"Stop." Mr Lane ordered in the voice she found an incredible turn on. As he compiled his morning smoothie, he thought long and hard about whether Lauren was just with him for the sex or if her words the night before had been genuine. Lauren hadn't moved, but her breathing had become ragged - it seemed her mind was making lewd images and making her wet. Stay still and keep your eyes closed or I'll punish you. While she obeyed him, she felt his hands grasp her ass and part her cheeks, exposing her asshole.

When she was finished, he slammed his cock back into her, making her scream with every vicious thrust.

Her pussy convulsed around his cock, milking it before he pulled it out to allow her juices to flood out onto the bed in a gushing torrent.

The possibilities are endless, and you can message me on aim or yahoo if you have any questions or want to explore a nasty fantasy with me.

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Lauren woke up slowly, feeling the morning sun warming her face. He moaned loud and his own cum spewed deep in her pussy.As he deliberated, Lauren came into the kitchen, still naked. My pussy is sore, but it was worth it to feel you fuck me like that." "Good. "Yes sir." Lauren nodded eagerly, and Karl instantly switched to the voice. Karl stood behind her, a shudder passing through her when she felt his hands on her hips. This made her shiver, partly from apprehension, partly from anticipation. His finger slowly glided in and out, making her pussy ache to be touched.

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