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I haven’t yet gone out and purchased a Blendtec blender or a Volkswagen car, but I’m at least aware of the companies and the products they sell now more than I was previously.And I can guarantee some people have made buying decisions based on these ads.The rise of time-shifting and online video hasn’t helped either, as we’re no longer being exposed to as many ads, or being forced to sit through them, like we once were.Thankfully all is not lost for the advertising executives and the brands they make money from promoting.

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Another word on the list (a compound noun, to be precise) was 'milkshake duck'. It's best summed up as describing how fickle we have become in the age of social media.If someone posts a video of a duck drinking a milkshake, it'll probably be loved. But days later, we learn that milkshake duck has a dark past and holds some pretty unpopular views.The world feels let down, deceived and hates the milkshake duck! My students realised it was a reference to how every aspect of a person's life is there to be consumed on social media.They have merely had to adapt to the new reality, and create more inventive and innovative ways of getting us interested in a company or product.

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Rather than stand back and bemoan the Internet, many have embraced it.

That is part of what is going on in some parts of our country.