Over 50s video web chat

24-Nov-2017 14:26

Pinned messages will show when you click the icon and view the window.

You can un-pin them, or jump directly to where they were in chat by clicking the "jump" icon, and show them to your friends. If you want to add users to the current group DM you're in, you can use this button.

Additionally, you can rename the group DM by clicking the DM title at the top of the client window. Since Group and Private Calls (1:1 calls, direct calls, whatever you'd like to call them) function a little differently, we'll break them into two separate sections.

There are a couple of neat tips and tricks to put your group DM into Clicking this icon will go ahead and initiate a call between you and all other members of the group DM.

You can scroll through the list to find your favorite buddies, or search their name in the search box.