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From here, I follow the sounds of Klapa singers into a stone vestibule which leads to the emperor's former quarters and then wander around the maze of little streets, coming to Trg Brace Radic (known as Fruit Square) and Narodni Trg (called the Piazza), ducking and out of shops, sometimes getting lost and sometimes doubling back on myself.I stumble upon the green market for fruit and vegetables and on the other side of town, the fish market, both buzzing with locals, tourists and people from the mountains and the islands selling their fresh produce.Next day, it's time to explore some of the Dalmatian Hinterland surrounding Split and the first stop is Klis Fortress, 14km from the city.This is a beautiful stone fort on the top of a hill, with a series of green tree-lined terraces and views right down to Split and over to the Dalmatian Islands.In the small town of Sinj, half an hour from Split, an equestrian competition called the Sinjska alka takes place every August, to celebrate a miracle said to have been performed by the Virgin Mary to save the town from the Ottomans.The church has a painting of Our Lady of Sinj while a small museum ) tells the story of the pageant with costumes, weapons and some fun interactive games.Back on the coast, Split is also the gateway to the Dalmatian Islands, popular for their beaches, olive groves, wineries and hiking trails, as well as tiny piers and church towers, all of which enjoy a sunny, Mediterranean climate.

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He spent 10 years building it, with 16 towers (three remain) and four entrance gates, plus a vast array of rooms and quarters. Hopefully something will happen when we are in the same city. This is progressing like a normal set, gradually easing into flirting and rapport while waiting for logistics to pan out.