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12-Jul-2017 17:25

DECEMBER 8--The operators of a notorious pornography web site granted federal agents administrative access to the site, giving investigators the ability to monitor traffic and public and private chats in an effort to identify users trading “a significant amount of child pornography,” records show. That covert operation ended earlier this year when Los Angeles-based ICE agents discovered that the web site “had been removed from the Internet by the company responsible for hosting the website.” To determine what happened to the site, agents assigned to the Child Exploitation Investigations Group (CEIG) subsequently contacted a Free6administrator with whom they had previously worked.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents secretly monitored activity on Free6from inside the porn site, which launched in 1998.

In October 2008, ICE was given an administrative password that gave agents “the ability to review all traffic taking place in the Free6 chat rooms, both public and private chats.” With the password, law enforcement officials “were able to view all logged chats/posts made from the same screen name, or the same IP address.” This administrative access gave agents a remarkable opportunity to monitor--in real-time or after-the-fact--the violation of child porn laws. Personal emails and phone numbers being posted in chats.

While Free6included a notice warning that the posting of “child pornography or other illegal material” would be reported to “local authorities,” Burdick had site administrators add a line noting that, “Free6may disclose these communications to the authorities at its discretion.” Though some bloggers have speculated about whether law enforcement officials have secretly been given administrative access to sites where users have been known to post child pornography (like 4chan), the Free6arrangement is apparently the first such compact to be disclosed by investigators. Thanks feds for keeping me "safe" from all the evils in the world. And naked girls and guys jerking showing up on the social page.

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According to the ICE affidavit, agents began investigating Free6since visitors had been misusing the site’s chat function to traffic illicit images (probers noted that the site “appears to be a legal website featuring adult pornography”).

When Agent Neil Burdick contacted the site seeking help in obtaining IP addresses of individuals posting child porn, “cooperative” Free6administrators volunteered to assist ICE investigators. Show boobs, get naked, show feet, go to tinychat, etc.

(4 pages) So the feds had access to all the smut they could eat for 16 months at no charge? The admins and staff do nothing but ban some of the people who report.

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