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08-May-2018 01:08

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dating ruins friendships

While Emily had filled out and put weight on her formerly slim frame since they were married Chris had actually lost weight. Chris invited Emily to come work out with him constantly but she always had to stay late at her job or made excuses about how much work she still had to do when she got home in the evenings. Emily would rather sleep in for another hour than have to get up at the asscrack of dawn and go exercise.He had been a bit doughy around the middle when they first started dating but after working out at the gym daily for the last couple years Chris had become leaner. That never stopped her from complaining about how fat she was getting. It just made Emily so frustrated to see Chris become even more perfect while Emily increasingly grew more overweight, overworked, tired, and underappreciated.The message with this second picture said, "All of me belongs to you, Chris. I'm yours forever and ever and ever XOXOXO." Three kissy-face emojis concluded the horror.Debbie had pursued Chris since the first day she had been hired at the bookstore Chris managed a few short months ago.Fortunately the cup was made of plastic so it bounced harmlessly off the plaster before clattering onto the wooden floor without breaking.But the water that had filled the drinking implement splattered everywhere when the cup hit the wall and the splashback soaked the back of Chris's shirt.He was supposed to engage in a conference call with a few of the franchise managers of the bookstore chain he was employed by and was awaiting the code he needed to use to dial into their session.

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Chris's eyes were a deep bluish-grey color that was easy to become lost in.

She had been outrageously flirtatious during her job interview but Chris figured she had just turned up the sex appeal as a way to entice her potential employers.

But it hadn't ended there and her continued advances were absolutely unwanted on Chris's part.

"This girl has been harassing me for months," Chris tried to explain.

"I'm sorry I haven't told you before now but in light of past events I thought it might not be greatest if you knew what was going on.

Chris had been with Emily for over nine years and he had never seen her this furious. " Chris held his hands up in a placating pose and said, "Emily, will you please calm down? I can explain." "How the hell can you explain this?

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