Define accommodating monetary policy

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Whether you use daily staff meetings and weekly command and staff meetings, command and staff visits, telephone, video teleconference, electronic mail (E-mail), fax, liaison team visits, or face-to-face contact, do whatever it takes to communicate.Learn what these agencies need to better support you.Put all the unit commanders in a special addressee list and provide them with regular (weekly or so) updates on what's going on outside the motor pool and local training areas where they spend most of their time.It may not be beans, track pads, and bullets, but it can be the financial status of programs and facilities, renovation and construction plans, program adjustments or improvements that you want their support of or comments on, or other garrison/BSB related subjects.

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To minimize DEP losses, the DEPper must be sold properly on the Army (not "slam-dunked"), and must receive the continued guidance and interest of the recruiter until he or she ships to basic training.

If available, review the official report on the 23 October 1983 bombing of the Beirut Marine Corps Barracks.