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Let's share a bottle of fine, properly aged wine together and discuss our interests." Tamara groaned when I pointed it out to her. "I suppose I have you to thank for that." He clicked his glass to mine. I wasn't really surprised when he then took my hand and placed it gently in his lap so that I could feel his crotch. The feel of Matt's hard cock was like a drug on me. All I wanted right then was my son's long hard cock fucking my neglected pussy.

"Kim, you're old enough to be that man's mother," she said as she jabbed her scarlet fingernail at the number 26. I didn't like to remember it, but my own son was exactly that age. "Kim, to a boy of 26, 47 isn't mature, it's ancient! Why don't you let me set you up with my cousin Brian! I think I'm going to check this one out." I sent him a cautious note, along with a photograph that showed my body from the neck down. I'll just steal a look at him and if I don't like what I see, I'll leave. " Tamara just shook her head as I shimmied into a tight white skirt that she couldn't have worn since the summer of '67. I remembered the sexy fantasies I'd had while slithering into my tight skirt, and I wasn't willing to give up the dream. "Just looking at you in that skirt has me so hard, Mom," he whispered. I didn't remember much about the ride from the club to Matt's apartment except the speed at which the streetlights flashed past.

In the next shot, the wine is completely still like the glass was never moved.

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During the dinner scene with Jess and Alex, Jess takes a sip of her wine and places the glass back on the table, which causes the wine to move in the glass." Cousin Brian, I remembered, had hunched shoulders and looked a decade older than his fifty years. Maybe I was being TOO cautious, but I wasn't ready to have naked photos of myself circulating around town with my real face or name attached! It wasn't fair that I had such a firm, small belly since I'd had a kid and Tamara hadn't, but hey. Anyway, I didn't need to fuss much with my appearance. I felt a sudden moistness in my panties as I realized how handsome my son really was. I had both hands inside his pants stroking his hard, throbbing cock while he was driving, and I'm afraid that they may have provided something of a distraction. He'd wired the place somehow so that it did that automatically.