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Lee Jeok-yo is a 70ish year old man who is a respected poet.He cares fondly for his 30ish year old disciple Seo Ji-woo. All you have to do is break up another couple that are ...But as they say, things go downhill really quickly.The trigger for this is Yan's disappearance, following news that she was rescued in spectacular fashion after she had attempted suicide by jumping off the roof of a building.On that app, Yan happens to be in the same chat group as the deaf-mute Yee-gee (Rainky Wai) who lives with her grandmother and does tricks for cash on the side - which is given the politically correct term of 'compensated dating'.Last but not least is Wai-wai (Heidi Lee), whose mother is a drug addict and therefore has to assume the responsibility of caring for her younger sister. Yung's focus is on the disfranchised and marginalised youth of our society, whose tendencies and excesses are exacerbated by the unfettered use of social media.

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Yan (Kabby Hui) comes from a rich background, but chooses to rebel against her absentee mother (Irene Wan) by partying hard, experimenting with drugs and sleeping around with boys she meets through We Chat. So I have just bought my scan forward to tomorrow (was originally on Monday). Good luck to everyone having scans and bloods @Baby Bass2017 good luck with your scan tomorrow! Welcome Starsdusties, Tiffanijade and Ruby Emerald!!! I am having major scan anxiety and want to get it over with... So I ought to see something significant including a HB Birdie - I couldn't wait until Monday!!!! Mine is next Wednesday which will be 7w exactly, currently 6w1d.. I took another POAS test two days ago because I had a bad dream - of course still positive! I keep forgetting I'm up the duff to be honest.. The world of these two men are shaken when 17-year-old high school ... What if there was a website that could get your loved one back? See full summary » A girl from Northern China, who comes to Hong Kong for teaching Putonghua, starts exploring the surrounding and history of her new city when she determines to find out the boy behind the ...

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See full summary » Tthree high-school classmates - Alice, Chloe and Tracy feel as ambivalently about their romantic crushes and sexual orientations as they do about their work as part-time prostitutes. See full summary » Hui Bao is an actress rehearsing for a performance in a theater play alongside her boyfriend Nan.Their texts also pop up on screen in gaudy speech-bubble fashion, complete with emoticons and avatars.

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